Robert Ebert | Hobbies, Passions, & Interests

Aside from Robert J Ebert’s successful professional career as a former Deutsche Banker, he also has a plethora of passions that enrich his life.

Robert J Ebert’s Hobbies & Interests 


Aside from the excellence that he demonstrates in his professional journey, Robert J Ebert is also a huge fan of sports. He uses sports as a way of de-stressing and maintaining some semblance of work-life balance. Working as an investment banker for Deutsche Bank, Robert Ebert can often get stressed out by his clientele. Born in Chelsea, London, he went to watch Chelsea F.C. play for the first time at age 4, in 1971. That was when he fell in love with football and the moment he started supporting Chelsea. His loyalty proved timeless, even when he statationed thousands of miles away from Stamford Bridge. In addition to his love for football, he also enjoys cricket, rugby, basketball and athletics.

Deutsche Banker Robert Ebert has been an avid fisherman since the day he and his family friend went fishing at the River Severn in Worcester. He was but 5 years old, yet it spawned a life-long obsession with fishing. Not catching them to eat, as Robert always catches and releases, but in the challenge of tricking them in their own environment using different baits, methods and techniques. Robert has been privileged enough now, 45 years later, to have been able to fish in many of the great rivers of the world and most of the mighty oceans. He allows the fish he catches to return to the water to live and fight another day.

Wildlife Conservation

Robert J Ebert sunset African wildlife conservation
Robert J Ebert helping to protect wildlife globally

Mr. Ebert is fiercely passionate about wildlife and finds time to visit Africa at least once a year. It is a terrific way for him to escape from the investment banking stress. As a firm believer of living in harmony with our planet, Robert Ebert is a participant in various wildlife conservation projects in Africa and Asia. He partakes in anti-poaching organizations and vows to protect the rapidly dwindling population of Mountain Gorillas. He and his wife also strive to help the eradication of poaching of Rhinos, Elephants, and Tigers. Highly organized criminal organizations attack these animals, looking to exploit wildlife solely in the name of commerce. Robert J Ebert and his wife are part of the battle to stop poaching for profit. Further, their goal is to slow the pace of habitat destruction rampant across developing nations.


“Only if we understand can we care. Only if we care will we help. And only if we help shall all be saved”