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Although Robert Ebert is a busy and successful investment banker, he finds time to relax, read, and write. He enjoys spending weekends with those he loves and reading about current news. Additionally, he also writes occasionally. In fact, even though he is very busy by day, he is a passionate blogger by night. When Robert is not dealing with work, and has a few hours to spare before going to bed, Robert enjoys tuning in to some late night music. When he does so, he also write about his passion for football, his desire to excel, and his love for his family. His blogs have been featured on Medium several times. Medium is a popular blog-sharing platform that allows bloggers to unite. There, they can share their ideas as well as interests. Listed below are the various written works completed by Robert Ebert Deutsche Bank.


Robert Ebert Deutsche Bank’s Written Work

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Robert Ebert Deutsche Bank : Why Medicine Should be About Prevention Rather Than Curing

As a finance and technology investor, Robert James Ebert has over 3 decades of experience in investment banking. He has been recruited by major Investment Banks and has worked and traveled around the world. He now dedicates his time to learning as well as understanding technology and the impact it will have in the future, along with the complications it comes with.

Robert Ebert : Why Diversity in the Workplace Leads to Better Decision-Making

Deutsche Banker Robert Ebert believes that a team consisting of people of different ages, sexual orientation, culture , religions , gender and socioeconomic backgrounds, make more informed and more robust decisions. He has spent 30 years working in the finance industry. He earned himself a spot in major Investment banks around the world.

Deutsche Banker Robert Ebert : The Role of Technology in Modern Finance

The world of modern finance is transitioning from its original model of traditional banking over to automated technology that thinks and works for us. Robert Ebert is the former head of APAC Equities at Deutsche Bank and a passionate technology investor.

Robert Ebert Hong Kong : How Personal Genetic Codes Will Control How we Live

Genetics are the key to our physical build and our health. As humans, there are only so many things we can do to our bodies. However, genetics control the rest. Investment banker Robert Ebert takes great interest in how our personal genetic codes can control our everyday decisions.

Robert Ebert Deutsche Bank : The Role of Nanobots in Our Future Lives

Robert Ebert dedicates his life to understanding how the role of technology will affect human life. Nanobots are becoming a topic of interest in the world of technology because of their ability to assist humans in their everyday lives, cure diseases, and accomplish what humans are physically unable to.