At an early age, Robert Ebert was a single minded, hard-working and passionate individual. In his youthful years, he needed to help his parents financially. Hence, he left behind, what was at the time, his life-long love of Biology. Therefore, Robert didn’t accept his admission offer at University. Instead, enticed by the opportunities offered by the sweeping changes in the City of London in the 80’s, the so called Big Bang, he pursued finance, and never looked back. Within years of working in investment banking, he became the renowned Deutsche Banker Robert Ebert.

Robert Ebert’s Professional Career

He joined a Japanese Bank in the accounting department. It was the only job they were willing to offer him at the time. However, within a few months of working there, he used his yet to be honed, but still powerful sales skills, and landed himself a job as a junior on the Japanese Warrant trading desk. Back in the mid 80s, that position was one of the hottest tickets in investment banking. Things progressed quickly for Robert Ebert. Within just one year, whilst still under 20 years old, his promotion led him to run the trading desk.

Shortly after his ascent to the Head of the Desk, Robert Ebert’s skills with people, along with his talent and his ability to demonstrate excellence in whatever he was involved in allowed him to be noticed by several competitors. As a matter of fact, a major Wall Street Investment Bank hand-picked him. As a result, Robert subsequently worked both in London and Tokyo for 9 years in total. At age 29, in the year 1996, Deutsche Bank headhunted Robert when it was looking to expand its global equity business.


Born to Succeed

deutsche banker Robert Ebert financial banker in big cities

Robert subsequently worked there for 20 years as an investment banker. During these years, he worked in London, Tokyo, New York and Hong Kong. He held various senior posts including: European Head of Execution Services, Head of Equity Sales Americas, Head of Equity Sales Asia, Head of Equity Sales Asia Pacific, Global Head of Execution Services, Co-Global Head of Equity Sales and Head of Equities, Asia, Japan and Australia.

It is very rare in Investment banking for someone like Robert Ebert, to have even joined the business without a University degree. It was rarer to have then worked in senior roles in four major financial hubs. He spent more than half his 30 year career away from his home city of London. Additionally, he built an enviable global client Rolodex, consisting of many of the most prominent investors in the World. Robert also reached close to the pinnacle of the equity business, which is a remarkable achievement.


Passion for Diversity

Deutsche Banker Robert Ebert’s determination in making the world a fairer, safer, and more pleasant place is remarkable. He worked tirelessly to actively promote inclusion and diversity within the Banking industry. He also strove to see more balanced representation of all minorities in senior positions.

Robert and his wife partake in various charities. These charities include: The Angus Lawson Memorial Trust, Room to Read, and Mother’s Choice. These charities focus on helping underprivileged children and youth find opportunities. They also provide education to children that would otherwise not have been able to obtain proper schooling. Additionally, he and his wife are passionate about wildlife conservation projects in Africa and Asia with a fierce determination to reduce and ultimately eradicate the poaching of Rhinos, Elephants, Tigers and Mountain Gorillas. Moreover, he and his wife have an undying determination to slow the march of global habitat destruction.

Robert has a 22 year old daughter. She is currently attending the University College London and working towards the completion of her Master’s Degree.