Robert Ebert Investment Banker | Background Story

Birth & Family 

Robert Ebert investment banker, an only child, was born to a working-class family. His parents arrived in London in the late 1950’s. They were fleeing the beginnings of war in their home country. His mother worked for the Civil Service at the Charity Commission from the early 1960’s. She retired 30 years later.  Robert’s father worked as a Workshop Controller for a car company. They led a simple, suburban life. In 1970, Robert’s parents bought a house for 6,000 pounds ( 9000 U.S. Dollars). Till this day, his father calls that house home.


Growing Up

Robert Ebert investment banker was educated in State Schools since his parents were unable to finance a private education. He was a gifted, but not exceptional student. However, if he lacked anything intellectually, he made up for any short-comings with determination. He grew up being one of only a handful of non-white children at his schools.  This led to inevitable conflicts. However, the lessons he learned on the playground and the ability to communicate with all types of people and bring them onto his side, would stay with him throughout his whole adult life.

Even at a young age, it was clear that he was a good leader. In fact, before he became a Deutsche banker, Robert Ebert already displayed impeccable leadership skills. He was made Deputy School Captain. In addition, he became captain of many of the sports teams he played for. The education that prepared him for the world of Global Investment Banking, did not happen in the hallowed halls of an Ivy League School or a Red-Brick University. Instead,they happened on the tarmac and grass of South London’s State-Run school system.


Robert Ebert Investment Banker’s Professional Journey

Robert Ebert began his banking career at the tender age of 18. That career spanned 30 years. 8 of which were spent in Tokyo, in two separate appointments, 7 years in Hong Kong , 2 on Wall Street and the rest in his home city, London. Over the three decades, he spent 9 years with Morgan Stanley, one of the most important Wall Street institutions. He then spent 20 years with Deutsche Bank, Europe’s most prominent Bank. Robert began his career as an Equity Derivative trader. He worked in that position for the first 9 years. However, Mr. Ebert was most notably known for his work with clients in his various sales roles. It has been said that he has one of the most global and powerful of all client lists.

Former Deutsche banker Robert Ebert spent the last 14 years in management roles in the Investment Banking industry. They included : European Head of Execution Services, Head of Equity Sales Americas, Head of Equity Sales Asia, Head of Equity Sales Asia Pacific, Global Head of Execution Services, Co-Global Head of Equity Sales and ultimately, Head of Equities, Asia, Japan and Australia and Head of Global Markets Hong Kong. He also sat on the Equity Executive Committee , the 10 person body tasked with running the Global Equity business consisting of 1600 staff.


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